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Contactor KM100DV

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KM100DV is a small-sized, long-acting contactor intended for switching on and off of electric power consumers in aircraft electrical systems operated in different climatic conditions (including tropical ones).
KM100DV is designed for operation at ambient temperature from plus 50 to minus 60 ° С, relative humidity of ambient air up to 98% at 40 ° С, height above sea level up to 20,000 tons, vibration of attachment points in frequency range 10. . .200 Hz.
The contactor can withstand without damage and without spontaneous faults, opening of contacts linear acceleration up to 8 g and short-term shaking of fastening points with a frequency of 60.. .100 beats per minute with acceleration up to 4 g.
Voltage nominal in the circuit, V 27
Rated load current in the contact circuit, A 100
Operating mode prolonged
Contact resistance, not more than, m? 30
Insulation resistance, no more than, M? 100
Operating voltage range, V 24 – 30
Service life, years 6
Weight, kg, no more than 0,32
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